Our values

Sharing and Mutual Support

First and foremost, we are a place for pooling expertise on the disease between the different research centers in the Occitania/Catalognia area and beyond. These experiences have led to the quest to create conditions for the development of new initiatives.


We carry out this endowment fund with the desire to constantly research new solutions to diagnose the illness in all stages, to delay its onset and to slow down its evolution. This approach is part of the 4P Medicine Paradigm:

  • Prediction,
  • Personalization,
  • Prevention,
  • Participation.

Ethic and Responsibility

The founders and the members of Alzheimer Preventia have an international reputation. They are part of the daily fight against Alzheimer’s disease. The creation of the endowment fund corresponds to a new implementation of their beliefs, alongside teams and corporate sponsors who are just as committed.