Gérontopôle de Toulouse

Created on April 12, 2017 the Gérontopôle brings together all the geriatric and gerontological activities of the Toulouse University Hospital and deals more than 15,000 patients every year. Geriatric care includes mobile teams, a technical platform, an outpatient ambulatory care and a memory center. Toulouse was the first center in France to have founded a Memory Resources and Research and Center (CMRR) on Alzheimer’s disease.

The Gérontopôle of the Toulouse University Hospital focuses its research activities on three major domains:

  • Cognitive diseases, specifically Alzheimer’s disease, with the development of prevention or therapeutic programs, and research on biomarkers,
  • Healthy aging, by maintaining intrinsic capacities, and prevention of frailty and dependency,
  • Clinical research in nursing homes.

In 2017, the Gérontopôle was designated WHO Collaborating Center for Frailty, Clinical Research and Geriatric Training. Its main mission: to promote WHO’s new «ICOPE» (Integrated Care for Older People) program.

In 2019, was the launch of the INSPIRE project, Institute for the Prevention, Healthy Aging and Rejuvenative Medicine.

CMRR de Montpellier

The Resources and Research Memory Center (CMRR) is part of the Neurology Department at the CHU of Montpellier.

The expertise of our team is focused on preventing the risk of cognitive impairment, the diagnosis and the care of neurodegenerative diseases (Alzheimer’s disease and related syndromes, genetic dementia, frontotemporal dementia, progressive primary aphasia, corticobasal syndrome, Lewy body disease …).

From the early stages of these affections, from the stage of cognitive complaint and even in the patients at risk of developing the disease we propose preventive axes of innovative research and care projects.

As everyone is unique we aim a personalized care sustained by a multidisciplinary team and a collegiality of expertise.

The Resources and Research Memory Center (CMRR) is part of INSERM U1061 « Neuropsychiatry: Epidemiological and Clinical Research »

Centre de Barcelone (Fundació ACE)

Fundació ACE is a non-profit serving those with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias and their caregivers.

The foundation carries out actions in the fields of diagnosis, treatment, research, training and awareness.


The JPAD Journal of Prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease publishes reviews, original research articles and short reports to improve our knowledge in the field of Alzheimer’s prevention including: neuroscience, biomarkers, imaging, epidemiology, public health, physical cognitive exercise, nutrition, risk and protective factors, drug development, trial design, and heath economic outcomes.

JPAD also publishes the meeting abstracts from Clinical Trial on Alzheimer’s Disease (CTAD) that are then distributed both online and in paper version worldwide.


Developing future treatments for Alzheimer’s disease is one of the most vital global health issues, but presents tremendous challenges.

The goal of the meeting is to connect today’s international forerunners in Alzheimer Disease treatment to discuss new results, candidate therapeutics and methodological issues that are important in the development of future treatments for Alzheimer’s.